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Fresh Apple Juice

At Mountain Love

you are consuming juice of highest quality organic apples from the pristine orchards of Uttarakhand.The juice is 100% natural and does not have any added preservatives/sugar/colours. We partner with marginal women growers, bringing in fresh produce that has been cultivated with labour of love. Our venture is ethical and sustainable, giving the women farmers full ownership of this enterprise. Mountain Love is ethical, sustainable and provides a source of livelihood to the marginal women farmers in Uttarakhand. It is a result of 9 months of labour and love by the hard-working, ever-smiling Himalayan women. With every sip of Mountain Love’s apple juice, you can be sure of impacting and enriching the lives of warm mountain folks.


Mountain Love is a venture like none other. Deeply disturbed by seeing the trend of locals leaving behind picturesque mountains for better employment opportunities in cities, a social enterprise was started by individuals passionate about the hills. Traditionally mountain women weren’t a part of the agro value chain even after putting in 9 months of labour into growing the apples. Mountain Love seeks to bring balance by making 2000 marginal women farmers in 3 districts of Uttarakhand full owners of the enterprise. This is done by ploughing back profits into the venture and by removing middle-men, ensuring profit maximisation for the farmers. Mountain Love’s juice is made with tree-ripe apples grown in pristine Uttrakhand orchards. These apples are tended to and nurtured for 9 months by mountain women who put in their ‘labour of love’. Once hand picked, the apples are sent to our facility in Nagaon where they are graded and sorted. After this, they are sent to our technologically advanced Cold Storage system that ensures availability of apples around the year. Our juicery produces a first press of these apples using advanced Dutch equipment. Latest vacuum technology ensures zero-human contact while packing and makes the juice last for 12 months.