Focus on Apple farming in India

Apple farming in India is mostly practiced in hilly regions of Himanchal Pradesh , Kashmir and Uttarakhand. Within these regions, apple-growing areas are scattered , making exchange of knowledge among farmers increasingly difficult further owing to the terrain and economic development of these areas, farmers here are deprived of appropriate technology for farming adequate financial support, transportation and a farming-friendly marketing network. Their knowledge about the mainstream market where their produce is sold is heavily limited by these factors, leading them to depend on middlemen who procure the produce at rates much lower than those prevailing in the market. Moreover, high cost of transportation, unpredictable weather conditions and other related issues have led to apple farming becoming an increasingly difficult occupation for people in hilly regions.

Our Focus
Involvement of Business Focused Social Development
Empower Small and Marginal Farmers Involved in Apple Farming
Partnership Between Investors and Farmers Group by Setting Up Joint Agro-ProcessingEnterprises
The Solution
The approach is towards setting-up strong and fair agro-business through joint ventures between farmers and private investors and strategic guidance by professional partner. It aims to set up healthy farmer owned businesses in handing process and trading farmer’s commodities collectively.
Giving Ownership to Farmers
In India, marginalized and small farmers tend to get caught in the powerful grip of middleman, informal lenders and other intermediaries. They have lack of collective action and private sector is hesitant in giving ownership of the value chain to the farmers and is exploitive nature.